Pantone colors for MagiCut Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

Finding the right color for a customer can be a bit of a palaver. Especially when you find out that a certain color can show up quite differently on different computer monitors or when printed on different printers. To overcome these problems several color matching systems have been created to provide a reference guide in these situations.

Basically a categorization of as many colors and shades as possible, each with their own code and a recipe how to create this color with other color systems like RGB, CMYK or Hexadecimal, so that all involved in the design and production process know exactly which color is chosen and differences in color shade are minimized.

The most common used color system to match colors to is the print industry standard: Pantone. A color determined by the Pantone Matching System, is often referred to as a “PMS color”.

This system is used by graphic designers and the printing industry to specify colors used in corporate identities or logos and applies to inks, mixed or bought to a specific color.

If a corporate logo or personalization has to be made with Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV), it can be useful to know what Pantone match the HTV variants have, so in the communication with the customer it is clear which color it exactly is. However, The processes involved in manufacturing Heat Transfer Vinyl colors are completely different to those of the print industry and do not relate to the pantone system. This means that there is no exact match to a Pantone color for each Heat transfer Vinyl color.

That being said however, for your convenience, we have created the table below which shows the Heat Transfer Vinyl colors and the closest Pantone match we can find. We have used the Pantone Solid Coated guide as a reference, as it is the most common.

Colors from printers and monitors vary wildly, so please use a Pantone swatch for comparisons between the HTV and the closest matching Pantone color.

Please note that the last two digits of the HTV SKU number indicate the color. For instance:

  • 123Flex Dark Green has SKU number 12307
  • 123Premium Flex has SKU number MCP07

Having both 07 as the last two digits, you know their colors are the same. In the table below you can find the closest matching PMS color, which in this example is 560C for both MagiCut 123Flex and MagiCut 123Premium Flex.

MagiCut 123Flex Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

SKUColorsPantone colorHex color (#)
12303Light blue2925C009CDE
12305Navy blue533C1F2A44
12306Royal blue287C003087
12307Dark green560C1D3C34
12312GreyCool Grey 9C75787B
12314Paars 7672C4C4184
12318Medium YellowEFDBB2FFB500
12319Lemon Yellow107CFBE122
12322Vegas Gold10124CAAA275
12323Rose Gold 10155CAF867C
12330Silver Silver CA6A9AA
12340Neon yellow809CE3E829
12341Neon green802C44D62C
12342Neon orange804CFFAA4D
12343Neon pink 806CFF3EB5
12344Neon blue 801C009ACE
12360Hibiscus red198CDF4661
12361Baby pink1905CF59BBB
12364Sapphire blue7690C0076A8
12365Baby blue284C6CACE4
12367Apple green376C 84BD00
12368Aqua green 7713C007D8A
12369Militair green7771C4E4934
12372Cardinal red 7641C8E2C48

MagiCut 123Premium Flex Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

SKUColorsPantone colorsHex colors (#)
MCP03Light blue 2925C009CDE
MCP05Navy blue533C1F2A44
MCP06Royal blue287C003087
MCP07Dark green560C1D3C34
MCP10Yellow130C F2A900
MCP12GreyCool Grey 9C75787B
MCP15Orange 166CE35205
MCP17Beige7506C EFDBB2
MCP18Medium yellow7549CFFB500
MCP19Lemon yellow107CFBE122
MCP20Gold 10126CAC9751
MCP22Vegas gold 10124C AAA275
MCP23Rose gold 10155CAF867C
MCP30SilverSilver CA6A9AA
MCP40Neon yellow 809CE3E829
MCP41Neon green 802C44D62C
MCP42Neon orange804CFFAA4D
MCP43Neon pink806CFF3EB5
MCP44Neon blue801C009ACE
MCP45Pastel pink 176 Cffb1b8
MCP46Pastel yellow393 C e9ec83
MCP47Pastel blueP 112-9Cbdd7ee
MCP48Pastel green374 U91d53c
MCP49Pastel purple250 Ce4bcdd
MCP60Hibiscus red198C198C
MCP61Baby pink 1905CF59BBB
MCP64Sapphire blue 7690C 0076A8
MCP65Baby blue284C6CACE4
MCP67Apple green376C 84BD00
MCP68Aqua green7713C007D8A
MCP69Military green7771C4E4934
MCP72Cardinal red7641C8E2C48
MCP73Flame red1797CCB333B
MCP74Mint green344CA0DAB3
MCP75Tiffany blue7710C00A7B5
MCP78Poppy seed447 U447 U

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