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This will depend on the type of heat press and the construction of the heat press. But we consider 6 bar / 80 to 100 psi...

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A lot of transfer applications are smaller sized. Like logo’s on breast pocket’s, sleeves, children garments or bags. With a smaller platen you can isolate the...

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No you don’t. In fact, with many applications they work counter productive instead of adding value. What do we mean by that? Teflon is very useful...

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Time it takes for the heat platen to go back to the set temperature when the platen cools down during pressing.

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A heat press that uses compressed air to open and close. You need an additional compressor that can generate enough pressure to make it work.

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Procedure where you determine the exact temperature of the heat press with special indicator strips and adjust the indication of the heat press accordingly to make...

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