Our Premium Transfer Papers

TheMagicTouch Transfer Paper is produced under strict production requirements. Transfer paper is tested in collaboration with the manufacturers of different colour laser and LED printers. This collaboration provides a seamless connection to the latest colour printers in the market and current technologies. TheMagicTouch transfer paper is divided into 9 different types. Each transfer paper is made up of a carrier paper and a special coating layer. Transfer paper can only be used via a colour laser or LED printer. These printers provide a crisp picture quality on the final product. Combined with a professional heat press the transfer paper ensures good washing durability and a scratch-resistant print.


TTC transfer paper has a special coating and therefore offers the ultimate soft feel which ensures high durability. Not only textiles but also many blank products and gifts can be printed as long as the base is white or light coloured, flat and heat resistant!

Examples of applications with TTC Transfers: T-shirts, sweaters, towels, mouse pads, slippers, bags, aprons and more


An ultra thin white carrier provides optimal coverage on all coloured fabrics and textile. Because of the layer the transfer paper OBM is especially suited for photos and surfaces and supports fine detail with the Print & Cut process. The OBM transfer is flexible, thin and easy to

Examples of applications with OBM Transfers: T-shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, backpacks, caps, aprons, pillows and more


The superfast High-Tech Paper. Single Step Auto-Cut (No Cut) Process. Frequently used in the OKI white toner printers.

Examples of application with T-One Transfers: All types of white and light-coloured clothing, caps, bags and products with a textile layer


The Ulitmate Garment Decoration. 2 Step Auto-Cut (No Cut) Process for any colour fabric. WoW transfer paper is specially designed for free formed and fine detailed designs. This unique process can even print white on dark textiles without peeling or plotting.

Examples of applications with WoW Transfers: Dark types of clothing, caps, bags and products with a textile layer


Only the toner will be transferred onto the product. TheMagicTouch supplies various mats to print the product scratch resistant. The CPM transfer is also used in combination with a Mug Press for printing mugs and cups.

Examples of the transfer paper CPM: aluminum, wood, tile, ceramic, acrylic, Lexan, mirrors, PU leather, cardboard and more


RST transfer paper is used for rough surfaces. The transfer paper only put the toner on the product. RST transfer paper goes deeper into the wood grain and then replaces in most cases the CPM transfer paper.

Examples of applications with RST Transfers: wine boxes, series PlanX, pine, MDF, exhibition panels, etc.


DCT transfer paper special coated water release slide-off decal transfer. DCT has a very thin transfer layer. It is barely perceptible and very flexible. DCT is applied with water. The transfer paper is available in two variants, transparent and white carrier, easy to cut through the Print & Cut process.

Examples of the transfer paper DCT: candles, clogs, model making, soap or bottles


ORD transfer paper is used for printing on acrylic and glass. The carrier paper remains on the rear side of the glass or acrylic and can be finished with a felt-like fine protection. The product is scratch resistant and has a luxurious look. This product is often applied in the trophy branch.

Examples of the transfer paper ORD: picture frames and acrylic


Tattoo 2.1 is used for printing on the skin and nails. The Transfer Paper is almost like a real tattoo and will last for 3-5 days. The print is crisp. Photos, graphics and texts are possible. Tattoo transfer paper is used as a starting ticket, admission ticket or for photo shoots. The temporary tattoo is like DCT applied with water.