DCT 4.5 & DCT Light C Transfer Paper

Special coated water slide-off decal transfer paper for non-flat, smooth surfaces such as glass, ceramics, metals, wax candles or soap. DCT is available in both clear (DCT 4.5C) and opaque (DCT4.5W). DCT Light C has an ultra-thin transparent transfer film and is especially suitable for candles, model cars and the like.

  • for non-fabric products/substrates that cannot be decorated with a heat transfer press
  • the easiest and most effective method of decorating ceramics, candles, glass and much more
  • all three versions can be cut by a plotter
  • Digital Showroom: Hands-on Video Tutorials

Required Euipment:CMYK or CMY+W Laser/LED Printer, a bucket of water, a pair of scissors or a cutting plotter, Rubber Squeegee
Recommended Accessories:Paper Trimmer, Lint Brush, Self Healing Cutting Mat
Processing:water slide-off decal transfer
Pressing Time:
Available Sizes:DCT 4.5C/W A4 – 50 Sheets per Box / 10 Sheets per Box (MicroBox)
DCT 4.5C/W A3 – 50 Sheets per Box
DCT Light C A4 – 50 Sheets per Box / 10 Sheets per Box (MicroBox)
DCT Light C A3 – 50 Sheets per Box