Where can I find my invoice?

You cannot find the invoice in your account. This is sent via our accounting software and you will receive it at the e-mail address known to TheMagicTouch.

What is TheMagicTouch’s bank account number?

The details of our bank account:

  • Bank: Sparkasse Hanau
  • BLZ 506 500 23
  • Account / Konto Number: 144 64
  • Swiftcode: HELADEF 1 HAN
  • IBAN: DE 78 5065 0023 0000 0144 64

What if my invoice is incorrect?

To minimize the chance that this can happen, the order department always first sends a proforma invoice for approval. The chance of an error is (almost) nil. If you have any questions, please contact us via the contact page.

What if I haven’t received my invoice ?

That is not the intention. Since there is a chance that the invoice may have ended up in the spam box, we ask you to check this first.
Otherwise, please contact us.
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