I have a question about one of your products?

If you have any questions about our products, there are two possibilities:

  1. Go to the product page by using the search field or navigation and click on the product tab ‘Ask’.
  2. Go to the contact page and click on ‘General’ to ask your question(s) about any product TheMagicTouch offers.

If you want to talk to a person, just go to our contact page. We are here for you, and we would love to help you!

How do I reset my password?

It’s quite easy to change your password.

If you want to change your password, just go to:

  • Your Account.
  • Click on account details.
  • And go to password change.

You’ll receive a reset link in a few moments.

How can I edit my information?

To edit your information, click on the user icon in the right corner of the header. It will bring you to your own account.

You can change:

  • Address – Change your billing or shipping address.
  • Account details – Change your personal information.

If there is any other information you would like to change, just contact us.

Can I use your brand names or logo’s?

As a (global) customer it’s not allowed to use our registred trademarks. For our network of Resellers and Master Distributors it is mandatory to use the branding guidelines which can be found in the account.

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