CPM 6.2 Transfer Paper

Special coated toner transfer paper for non-fabric smooth surfaces. You can decorate glass, acrylic, metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, magnetic rubber, leather and much more without any weeding. Decorated products/substrates for outdoor use can be UV protected with CoverSeal.

  • AutoCut (No Cut) Transfer Paper
  • for all applications onto non-fabric, smooth surfaces such as
    cardboard, ceramic, plastic, magnetic rubber, metal, wood, glass,
    and much more
  • transparent transfer layer
  • single step process
  • Digital Showroom: Hands-on Video Tutorials

Required Euipment:CMYK or CMY+W Laser/LED Printer, Heat Press, A.Pad, T.Pad, Application Sponge, M.Pad (depending on application)
Recommended Accessories:Paper Trimmer, Lint Brush, Water Spray Bottle, Heat Protection Gloves, Heat Resistant Tape
Processing:Single step process
Temperature:140-160° C / 285-320° F
Pressing Time:60-120 seconds
Pressure:medium to high
Available Sizes:A4 – 100 Sheets per Box
A4R – 100 Sheets per Box / 25 Sheets per Box (MicroBox)
A4XL – 100 Sheets per Box
A3 – 100 Sheets per Box