Sawgrass Print Manager

The Sawgrass Print Manager is a very clever, unique free software that comes with your Sawgrass printer. It allows you to print from any design program you like, without having to bother with complicated color profile settings to get the correct print results.

With the introduction of DyeSub Magic Sublimation Papers in 2019 we develop our a sublimation paper in A3, A4 and Mug size and this comes with many advantages for sublimation products, such as: ceramic, aluminium wood, and polyester textile.

Advantages of DyeSub Magic Sublimation Paper

  • Printing – Stack feeding no problem. Runs true the printer smoothly.
  • Quick drying – Fast drying so you not smur your image when you apply it onto your product, and you keep your fingers clean.
  • High Definition – Print the finest details and transfer onto your product to get a beautiful result.
  • Vivid colors – Let the colors blow you away, the special coating let the pigments transfer optimal into the polyester coating. Giving you a vivid and bright colors
  • High quality control – We apply our quality control so you have the best paper you can get.

Sawgrass Print Manager

Sawgrass Print Manager is a program that comes with the purchase of a Sawgrass printer and it allows you to print straight to the Sawgrass printer without using another program. Print with our DyeSub Magic Sublimation Paper, online or offline, and design things easy with simple setup, intuitive workflow, and powerful print controls.

Why do I need the Sawgrass Print Manager

Sublimation printing has one major difference when compared to normal printing. The print on your DyeSub Magic sublimation paper does not show you the final colors you get once the print has been transferred with a heat press.

The color pigments are there on the paper, but to show the real colors they must be heated first. Once heated, they become vaporous and penetrate the polyester product in the heatpress. Once the pigments are in the product, only then you see their true colors.

Problem with this is, that if the print is wrong you only see that once you have pressed the image onto your product. So, you want to have a print where you can rely on the colors to prevent messing up your product.

The benefits of the Sawgrass Print Manager

  • Use any software you like to print from without having to bother with color profiles.
  • Perfect colors on each product without having to make test samples.
  • Exactly the same perfect result when you have to make a repeated order after a period of time.
  • Multiple color profiles to support multiple surfaces that can have a polyester coating.
  • Custom paper sizes can be easily set up apart from all the common paper sizes that are already in Sawgrass Print Manager.
  • Save money but not having to make sample products with failed colors.

Sawgrass has simplified working with sublimation enormously by tackling the challenge of getting the colors right. This alone makes choosing a Sawgrass printer for your sublimation printer worth while as the Sawgrass Print Manager saves you from the grief of having to make multiple samples to get colors right and saves you from spending a lot of time fiddling with complex settings and color profiles.

That’s one of the reasons why a Sawgrass printer together with DyeSub Magic sublimation paper gives you the perfect tools for sublimation.

Go to Add DyeSub Magic to the paper setting in the Sawgrass Print Manager in our Help Center to see how you can add DyeSub Magic to the paper settings in the Sawgrass Print Manager.

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