A brand new .COM website!

Meet our brand new website!

We are excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website. We focused on easier navigation, more information and exceptional user experience to all visitors.

With TheMagicTouch, we have always focused on serving and guiding our community and producing the best products. We always perfected our products, manuals, and guidance, while forgetting the customer experience a bit. A new interface for TheMagicTouch was therefore a long time coming, but from now on you benefit from the best of both worlds!

With the new Webshop we offer great advantages for our global customers to order faster, direct access to new products and to learn more about our brands.

What’s new

There is a lot of news to share with you. Let’s tell you what changed:

  1. The Navigation

1.  Search

A simple and smart search function to find everything you need in an instant. With the right name of the product(s) or SKU you can find anything on our website including some interesting blog articles.

2. Horizontal menu

The easy to navigate menu is clear and fast to give you best user experience.

3. Vertical menu

With the vertical menu you can navigate quickly and easily through all our essential product categories.

2. Your account / dashboard

Register on our website and select the country where you are from. Because of exclusive sales right there is a possibility you will be redirected to our Master Distributors. If you can register, just login and you will come across your own, personalised dashboard. Look at what you ordered, see stock notifications, your recently purchases or re-order what you’ve ordered last time within a simple click. Or you can change your (shipping) address within seconds and change your personal data.

3. Company

Read more about our company such as the about us page where you can read how it all started and why we use ‘The Original’ in our company logo. Not only do we give some insight about our company and the award-winning prices we received but we also provide you with the extra services we offer, such as private label service which is attractive for (new) resellers. Interested in becoming a reseller? Click here for more information.

4. Bulk Pricing & Packaging

The new bulk packaging offers many advantages. On the one hand, the bulk packaging ensures a cheaper price, and on the other hand, unnecessary packaging is not thrown away and this packaging method contributes to sustainability.

5. Price Agreements

We like to reward our repeat customers or customers with larger volumes. Price agreements ensure that the price and purchase are in perfect agreement. Request your price agreement here.


6. Help Center

TheMagicTouch always has and always will solve our customers own cases. This is where our Help Center comes into the picture. Some form of basic structure around information is often needed. So, we built it to easily search for answers. Customers can search among quick articles, How-To’s, terms and frequently asked questions to be able to quickly find a solution to their own issue or customer’s problem.

1. Product categories

Search by category makes it easy to find the related content very easily.

2. Articles

Starts with getting starting articles to learn our customers everything they need to know.

3. Questions, Terms & How-to’s

We share all the questions and content with our customers.

7. Customer Service

With providing loyalty we are trying to master a simple and effective customer service where our customers can quickly find exactly what you are looking for. We deliver proactive and immediate support to customers anytime on the channel of your choice — phone or email. To help you even further we have a contact page and separated different departments so we can not only help you quicker, but you’ll receive a quicker answer. Also, we provide you with a quick and effective support form.

1. Subject

Search by subject and look for the answer you’re looking for.

2. Support

Get straight redirect to our support page where you can even upload an image so our experts can not only help but advice you also.

3. Contact

Any questions? We’d love to hear from you. We are here to help.

8. Blog

A collection of various categories to have all the information at one place. Our Blog is filled with inspiration & news to provide our customers with the latest information & exciting updates which are coming.

9. Contact

We would love to contact you. If it’s to give us feedback or you are happy with the new website, just let us know.