CPM Hard Surface Transfer Paper

Special coated toner transfer paper, designed especially for all applications onto non-fabric, smooth surfaces such as cardboard, ceramic, plastic, magnetic rubber and metal.

The choice between CPM 6.1/6.2/6.3/6.4/6.5 is depending on the model of the Laser printer/copier.

For the right Media/Paper setting, please consult the "Compatibility Guides"

For more information, please read the Transfer Paper User Guide and the Transfer Paper Feeding Guide.

CPM 6.1 - 110Base

For non-fabric smooth surface Substrates like CardBoard, Plastics, Magnetic Rubber, Metal, Ceramic etc. Can also be used for fine weave Fabrics which might not require washing i.e. Sports Pennants, Umbrellas, Neck Ties etc.

CPM 6.2 - 110Base

As CPM6.1, but with a softer Base Paper and a satin Finish to the Coating.

CPM 6.3 - 95Base

Same like CPM6.1 but slightly lower weight Base to support Plain Paper Fusing for certain older Copier /Printer Models or higher Production Speed.

CPM 6.4 - 95Base

As CPM6.3, but with a softer Base Paper and a satin Finish to the Coating.

CPM 6.5 - 130Base

Same like CPM6.1 but slightly higher weight Base to support single-pass, 'oil-less' Toner, 40+ pages Devices.


Available sizes   A3/A4/A4R
Quantity per box 100 sheets

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