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TheMagicTouch is constantly testing new products in the market. Here you can find out whether your equipment is compatible with TheMagicTouch Transfer Printing Technology?

Welcome to TheMagicTouch,
the World’s leading Transfer Printing System

TheMagicTouch full colour image transfer paper and heat presses, together with laser colour copiers and printers opens up new and exciting opportunities for full colour, high quality image transfer printing onto a limitless range of application products. TheMagicTouch not only provides transfer printing paper, which meet all the required safety standards, but also all the needs to run a successful business built on personalised or short run full colour printing onto virtually any substrate imaginable!

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TheMagicTouch operates
a global network of exclusive representations in many countries around the world. The map indicates the countries where TheMagicTouch has an exclusive representation. To obtain the details of your local supplier, click on the map.

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TheMagicTouch for decorating Acrylic, Galss and Crytal

WoW Transfer Paper

For very fine detail Images on any Colour Fabric and more.

2 Sheets System, no cutting and no weeding required. Compatible with all currently available Toner Systems including ‘oil-less Toner Systems.

WoW is available in A4 and A3 format in boxes of 50 sheets.

Watch the Application Demo Clip for WoW

Watch the Application Demo Clip for WoW

TheMagicTouch WoW Application

The Worlds Number One Image Transfer System for Colour Laser Printing Devices

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